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Support for Aboriginal students and their families
Ardtornish's 'Aboriginal Community Education Officer'



Melissa Stephenson is Ardtornish's 'Aboriginal Community Education Officer'. Melissa is employed to support Aboriginal people in our school community.

Melissa has two children at the school and is a trained social worker. She usually works at the school on Wednesday.

Please ring the school to be put in contact with her.


In her role Melissa:

  • supports students to attend regularly
  • provides support for parents - information and counselling
  • raises cultural awareness across the school
  • monitor Aboriginal students' progress
  • advises teachers about individual student's learning plans
  • supports parents to become involved in the school community and decision making.


The following web links might be of particular interest to you.

Us Mob
Films by Aboriginal Students


Vibe School
Activities for Aboriginal students related to our culture


The following piece of art was created by Bronywn Rook, an Aboriginal parent at our school to represent people coming together in the school community.

The art work depicts the school as the central circle around which are gathered the different coloured individuals who attend it.

The art also shows traditional aboriginal foods such as quandongs, honey ants, witchety grubs and native bananas.

Provenance Indigenous plants

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