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How to teach your child the alphabet

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Strategies for Teaching Letter Sound Relationships - Quickly and Easily

It is vital that your child finds learning to read and write a rewarding and successful experience. 

The instructions for quickly teaching the Alphabet to your child and a copy of a parent support booklet can be used with the downloadable flash cards to enable you to undertake daily activities to help your child to:

  • use simple picture prompts to practice saying the sounds they have learnt at school, until they know the first 31 sounds and the corresponding letters/letter groups
    • practice identifying words by listening to the sounds in it.
    • practice writing the letters/letter groups which represent the sounds in this booklet
    • practice writing words by saying the sounds and letters/graphemes 


    Instructions for quickly teaching the Alphabet to your child

    When new information is linked in some way to information we already know the task of memorising it is made easier.
    The "Linked Visual Imagery Method" for learning letter sounds, which is explained in the instructions that can be downloaded above, helps children to memorise the sounds of letters by teaching them how to link each letter's abstract shape to the shape of a familiar animal or object that shares the same initial sound.

    Using the Linked Visual Imagery Method to teach letter sounds the student is given visual cues to make memorisation easier.

    The student is taken through the following learning sequence:
    The student learns:
    · the picture's name
    · to say what picture is represented by each letter.
    · to identify each picture by the initial sound only
    · to independently say the initial sound of each picture when shown it
    · to say the initial sound of each picture when simply shown the letter to which it is matched.

    At this point the child will know the link between the letter and the sound/s it represents.

    • Each of these steps builds on the one before and gives the child a rich visual context which reinforces their memory

      To teach the sounds of the Alphabet you will need flash cards with visual cues. These can be downloaded here.

      Note: there are diferent versions to use depending on how you wish to print them out.

    • Alphabet flash cards - For folding and glueing.
      If you are not going to laminate the cards then these are the easiest to use as they can be printed out on a bubble jet printer and folded over and glued so that they are stronger.

      These cards are set up so that you can reverse print on the back of one piece of paper and then laminate the cards.

    These cards are for use when you print from a computer to a photocopier that can do back to back printing automatically.

    To use interactive programs on the computer to help your child learn the Alphabet that we use at school go here.

    You can also download the alphabet posters we use at school.


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