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Welcome, I’m John Buckell your Community Development Coordinator based at The John Francis Clark Memorial Kindergarten and Ardtornish Primary School.
My major role is to work with families and services to develop local resources for you and your young children.
Presently I am seeking to speak to parents and children about my work and the planned Children’s Centre, to hear your views about your child’s future and the local community.

I can be contacted at < > on my mobile 0409 984 495 or at the Kindergarten most days.

Key Objectives
With a focus on children 0-8, and adults, parents and care providers involved with young children my current key objectives are to engage and consult with local individuals, children, families and services.  Critically these current projects are important in themselves.

Current Activities
Details about these individual activities are evolving as we work to involve others and coordinate between key players. Here is an outline:

Community Garden
The first is to invigorate use of the school's vegetable and fruit garden. Mark Hansen (School Principal) would like to make it a more dynamic space that brings students outdoor education/environmental/nutrition learning and the local community more closely together.  While well organised gardening plots are set up, the energy needed to keep them well maintained is falling on to ( Bruce and Paul) and we are looking at ways to re-establish this as a more attractive resource.

Kindergarten Health Initiative
The second as a link to this is a nutrition program to be run next term at the kindergarten.  It is expected that this could incorporate a small vegetable patch and an ongoing nutrition and health focus. 

Children's Voice
The third area is a consultation with students in the early years.  This will provide opportunities for children to discuss and represent and their views about living in their local communities.

Engaging Fathers
I have observed a number of fathers about the campus and have been told that they are involved with sports but are not represented in other areas of the campus. Engaging with men is an important step towards making this site more inclusive.  I will be consulting to see what might be a suitable direction for this work.

School Fair
The City of TTG Council Christmas Pageant brings families into the streets and is likely to be a time that the school will run a fete. I expect to be involved in this as another way to hear families’ views about living locally.  
John Buckell -Community Development Coordinator.



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