Class & Specialist Blogs and Websites

Class websites and blogs are being experimented with by teachers as a way to keep parents informed of class events and provide students with access to school information from home.

Staff are still developing their management skills, in relation to keeping blogs, so update times may vary.

Parents can experience enhanced communication with the school by CLICKING HERE to visit a site which explains how you can become a member of our school Google community and receive notifications on all your mobile devices & computers.



Music at Ardtornish

Room 7/8 - Yr 5/6
Mr Whitehead, Mr Wheaton &
Mrs Bagley
Room 22 - Yr 3/4
Ms Holloway
Room 19/20 - Yr 2/3
Mrs Agaciak,
Mrs Long & David McAskill

Room 28 - 1
Miss Carla Cafasso

Room 21 - Yr 1/2
Sharon McAskill

Helen Hodges, Liz Nicol,
Gayle Bonnett

Room 27 - Yr 1
Alison Addle


Room 29 - Yr 1/2
Kate Baulderstone


Room 31 - Yr 4/5
Val Crozier

Room 30 - Yr 4
Katrin Ravlich


Room 24 - Yr 3/4
Lisa Bradshaw





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