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We are presently accepting all enrolments.

Parents are invited to make an appointment to enrol their child(ren) at school as soon after their third birthday as possible.

During the enrolment interview parents are invited to tour the school and are provided with information about school policies and programs.

In South Australia, it's compulsory for children to be enrolled in primary school by their sixth birthday. Currently, most students in South Australia start school at age five.

New arrangements from 2014

There will soon be a change to when children start primary school. From 2014 all children will start school on the first day of Term 1 in that year.

Click here to: Get information about these changes and find out when your child will start primary school.

School Term Date are available from this link

Enrolment of five year old children living outside the zone are confirmed by the Principal when children commence kindergarten.

ZONING POLICY - Note this only applies if the school is full to capacity.
The school is zoned and students from outside of the zone may not be able to gain a placement if the school is full.  This is a directive from the Department of Education and Children’s Services.

An exception to this will be for siblings of students already attending Ardtornish Primary School.
Students attending The John Francis Clark Kindergarten who live outside the zone do not have automatic entry to Ardtornish Primary School. 

Parents who have children in the zone or whose children fit the criteria above must fill out an Ardtornish Enrolment Form when they have begun The John Francis Clark Kindergarten.  This is to enable suitable arrangements to be made in the school’s organization.

The zone boundaries for Ardtornish Primary School, Saarinen Avenue, St. Agnes, are as follows:

North East Road, to the eastern boundary of Tea Tree Plaza Shopping Centre,
Smart Road up to Australia Avenue, to Armbuster Street, then onto Pegasi Avenue,
to Austral Avenue and on to Grand Junction Road, up Maderia Avenue and left onto Mataro Road, onto Toovis Avenue, then Mumford Avenue, back onto Smart Road, then up Tolley Road back to North East Road. 

For reception students we hold four transition visits in each of the last four weeks of the term prior to the term in which the child starts attending the school.  The first transition visit also involves a parent information session with the Principal. 


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