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Fun and Games: co-ordination program





The ability to move through space in a controlled and co-ordinated fashion is a fundamental aspect of life. Unfortunately, many children are unable to do this and, therefore, cannot participate fully in classroom and playground activities. This can initiate peer group problems and consequently a poor self-image in the child, which ultimately may affect his/her development, learning and behaviour.

The FUN and GAMES Program has been offered to the students at Ardtornish for many years. This program helps develop the children’s co-ordination and gross-motor skills and builds the skills of turn taking, waiting and following instructions.

All Reception children are put through a series of co- ordination tests to identify students who have difficulties in this area. These students are then supported through the Fun and Games program 3 times a week, usually for 2 school terms.

This very beneficial program would not be possible without the on-going help and support of parents. We ask volunteers to assist the children in this program, supporting and encouraging as the children go through set activities. All we ask is that you commit to one 30 minute session a week for the term.

It is a great way to meet other parents and children. It is also very rewarding to watch the children’s progress and to celebrate their successes.

Jo Mickley our Christian Pastoral Support Person delivers this program as a part of her role as a student support person.

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