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Ideas for supporting your child's learning in the Early Years

Download our Parent Information Book for all major information about the school.

Literacy Learning in Reception - resources and information

These resources will help you to understand the school's early literacy program and give you resources to support your child's literacy development in the home home.


Parents as the first educators of their children have a vital role to play throughout their education. Working in partnership with the school and supporting our policies and procedures is one way in which every parent can enhance their child's learning. The Governing Council is the major body through which parents can be actively involved in the school.

By exploring this website parents can gain a wealth of information about the school and how to support their child's learning. Check out the school's Site Map for a list of links. If you have any suggestions about how this site could be improved please contact us with your ideas.

Students wanting to learn about Diabetes may enjoy watching this information film produced to educate others about the condition. Diabetes information film.

Letting us know about your concerns as soon as they arise is vital so that problems can quickly be identified and resolved. So Please become familiar with our grievance procedures and contact us in keeping with stated processes.

Parents can also support every aspect of their child's learning by ensuring that the develop proficient literacy skills. A "Fun and Games" program is run for students with coordination difficulties. Students having trouble with initial reading development may benefit from using the Reading Doctor programme. Parents seeking intervention support may like to look at these intervention resources.

Our Pastoral Care Worker Program can be assessed by parents who need support with family or child issues.

Download Mark Hansen's AGM talk "10 Handy Hints for supporting your child's learning"

Link to Mark LeMessuriers website to learn more about developing your child's resilience. Have a look at his articles section.


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