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Reception Literacy

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At Ardtornish we use the "Read Write Inc" Reading Program (click here to visit the program's site for parents) to teach reception students to read. This is a synthetic phonics approach to teaching reading. This method ensures students first develop a correct understanding of the reading process, before they begin to read simple phonic based texts.

Students therefore only bring home their first 'reader" after about 8 or 10 weeks of instruction. Download the booklet "When will my child bring home a reader?" for a full explanation of the thinking behind this process and what you can do to support them, learning to read, prior to them getting their first reading books.

This, Home Support Booklet 1, will provide you with information about the systematic and lively 'READ WRITE INC' programme we use to enable your child to become a confident and fluent reader at their first attempt and how you can support them at home.

It is vital that your child finds learning to read and write a rewarding and successful experience. 

Before your child begins at school you can teach them the sounds of the alphabet by downloading Instructions for quickly teaching the Alphabet to your child and alphabet flash cards.

These cards are for use when you print from a computer to a photocopier that can do back to back printing automatically

You can also download the alphabet posters we use at school.







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