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This web site provides information about sensory integration and the important role it plays in student learning. It also documents the work undertaken in relation to S.I. by the staff of North Adelaide P. S., Barker Kindergarten, Lucy Morice Kindergarten, Nailsworth P.S. and St Helen's Park Kindergarten as a part of the Local Educators Network Project in 2002.

The sensory integration process provides a child with the knowledge and skills they require to make sense of their world and the demands it places on them. Their success in effectively processing sensory information builds the foundation for all aspects of learning.

  • Academic / Ability to pay attention: an integral part of being able to learn is being able to work out what is important to pay attention to and what is not.
  • Social: to effectively interact with others, we must read their verbal and non-verbal signals and adjust our response.
  • Physical / Development of Coordination: we use information from our senses to judge the timing of our movements and the force we apply (whether in our body as a whole when playing sport , or just a small body part like our hands when writing.

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