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Specialist Teaching Programs

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Ardtornish has a specialist science, design and technology classroom space where students engage in hands on investigations. From activities including exploring the human body to incubating chickens, from chemical experiments to weather observations students Learn in an engaging way.



This program develops students’ communication skills as well as their understanding of Japanese culture.

Information Technology

ICT is an integral part of the total curriculum program offered to students at Ardtornish PS. The engagement of students via technologies is well recognised and teachers are always endeavouring to include these within their program.
An interactive whiteboard located in every classroom. The school has two full class computer rooms and three other pods around the school.

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Year 7
Aquatics Camp

Each year the Year 7 Aquatics camp provides valuable opportunities for students to learn about water safety.

It also gives them a chance to work collaboratively with students from across the Year 7 classes.

kidYear 3/4 Camp

The Year 3/4 camps focus on the growth of student's confidence with 3 action packed days of group trust and bonding activities within a diverse range of  mental and physical challenges.


Year 6 Sunship III Camp

This program gives students basic ecological understandings and postive feelings about the earth and its life, so they understand the concept of living lightly themselves.
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Sport and Fitness

Ardtornish Primary School is very proud of its commitment to physical education and fitness.

Over the years we have participated successfully in many SAPSASA sports and had a lot of students represent the district and state.

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Aerobics, Cheer, Hip Hop and Dance

These groups competes in the National Schools Aerobics competitions in May.

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Children are exposed to rich and varied musical experiences and are actively encouraged to perform to outside audiences including the annual Music Concert.



We have a Senior and Junior band and a recorder group.

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Opportunities are provided in pottery and ceramics by a trained potter employed by the school. All classes 3 - 5 attend for a five week block during the year.


Pedal Prix

Students from Ardtornish PS fundraise, develop and maintain equipment, practice and compete in several competitions each year. Click Here to learn more.


Students participate in the Festival of Music Choir Program.




Students have opportunities to participate in school drama productions that are usually run biannually. Our last in school production was of 'The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.'


In 2016 we entered Wakakirri for the first time.

Forty students performed at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.
The performance was based on the book "Ride Ricardo Ride" by Phil Cummings.


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