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Featured Links

Books on line - go to

Phonic games for kids - have a look

Writing: Genre Information and website to use with kids - this is FANTASTIC

NEOK12 - Online Educational Videos: because kids learn best by seeing the real world.

Kidcyber - An Australian site with great eductional links

Look at THIS - England's MOST visited school website AMAZING Resource Collection

Go here for dozens of sorted links for Teachers - Copacabana Public School: Teacher & Student Resources

These are the interactive links: Get Smart Interactive Activities. Educational Games from the BBC

Links to interactive activites for developing Numeracy and Literacy skills in the JP Years.

Another great site where a huge number of interactive activities have been catalogued Oak Street resources.

These pages were made for Musical Instruments - hear the sound they make at this Page for Joy

Maths Games about SHAPE

The teacher syndicate

* The world's biggest digital education library with over 100,000 e-books
* 100's of free innovative lessons for all classes
* 100's of 1:1 computer resources
* A free weekly newsletter listing new resources every week

Sites for JP recommended by
Smart Trainers.


Interactive Stories


  Read-along Nursery Rhymes


  St Francis of Assisi School, ACT – Lots of links


  IWB Resources – Foundation


  Good Literacy and Numeracy Resources (Need downloading)


  Interactive Videos etc


  Primary classroom activities (Some need downloading)


  Online Big Books


  Story Place Digital Library


  Interactive Literacy Activities – Stories, Letters and Sounds, Songs and Rhymes


  Magic Keys Online Stories


  Early Years Big Books


  Between the Lions – Get Wild About Reading


  The Little Animals Activity Centre




  Roy the Zebra Story


  Learning Planet


  Rainforest Maths

Username: Rfm4554       Password: Rock59


Count Us In – Maths Activities


  Literacy and Numeracy Centre




  Maths Games


  Literacy Games


Starfall – Alphabet, Phonics Activities and Stories


  BBC Maths Games


  Interactive Maths Games


Crickweb Early Years Interactive Resources


  Up to Ten Games


Early ICT Websites


Early ICT


  Links to a range of Maths and Literacy Sites


Dr Seuss Playground


  Virtual Piano


  The Very Hungry Caterpillar Video


  Butterfly Appearance


  Butterfly Body Parts


  Butterfly Life Cycle


  Butterflies of Adelaide


General Lesson Ideas

On-line technology tutorials    

On-line technology tutorials

Free downloadable printouts of flashcards, labels, signs and more    

Western Australia Education Department site with help for teachers

EdNA online – search for lesson and unit plans and theme           

and themes

Education World – Lesson Plans by areas

Links to free stuff for teachers           

NSW Board of Studies - Integrated Units

Kid Cyber – links for students on information on most topics and how to teach research for teachers

NSW Country Area Program – lessons and help for teachers           

Primary – lesson plans and links to lesson plans

Queensland Studies Authority – links and resources for teachers           

Over 2500 lesson plans sorted by area and year level            Age-appropriate activity cards to show how to keep safe on the internet

From DECD showing literacy and numeracy benchmarks and lesson ideas

Trinity College in WA – search for lesson ideas and plans

Web Edventures teaching of genres and other curriculum areas online

World Tales – Australian Stories online           

Beginning Teachers Toolbox – how to survive the first year

Free Printable worksheets on every topic known 

Education Pages of ‘The Advertiser’ to use with nie                  

Aboriginal Studies

Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation           

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission

Aboriginal Culture - Anthropological studies


Click here to jump down the page to the list of websites suitable for Interactive websites that were given by the SMART trainer.

More Sites

Puzzle Maker
Spelling Game
Maths Game
Kids Games
Kidz Page Games
Roller Coaster
Disney Games
Rainforest Maths
Denny Web Create a Ride
Sports Illustrated Games for Kids
Fisher Price
PBS Kids
Kids Games
Up to Ten
Educational Place
FE Kids
Game Aquarium
Cool Maths
Primary Games
Edge Zone Games
Writing Fun
Woodlands Junior School – Maths
Woodlands Junior School – Literacy
Woodlands Junior School – Science
Enchanted Learning  - Username: twowellsteacher   Password: speech99

English Lessons by grade and topic
Children's Theatre/Creative Drama               
Collection of Drama Lessons            
Lesson Ideas           

Using poetry in drama              

Using dilemmas in drama           
Useful websites

Primaryschool resources


Mathletics A free printable decimal fractions game           

Place Value activities   

NSW Board of Studies K-6 resources         

Magic Squares using and creating            Escher’s Tessellations                

Links to Magic Square websites                      

Information, teacher lessons and student pages on tessellations

Website with examples of how photos can be used for Math problems and link to buy CD_ROM

Maths300 lesson plans           

Links to ‘Van de Walle’ Maths book, Math black line masters, web links and activities

Maths Cats website designed by a teacher with a love of cats – has numerous interactive activities ,
particularly good is tessellation town                

National numeracy benchmarks at grades 3, 5 and 7                     

Free Math games and resources to print and play


Teacher Reference

Teaching Spelling K-6    Support document that provides teachers with practical information about the systematic approach to teaching and learning of spelling in primary schools, with ideas for organising for instruction.

Spelling Activity Ideas  List of activities useful for everyday spelling lessons.

Spelling Activity List    List of interesting ways to teach spelling words

Spelling Strategies    Collection of spelling strategies for use in the classroom.

You Can Count on Spelling    Students use letter tiles from a Scrabble game to calculate the spelling word with the highest mathematical value.

Practical Spelling Ideas    Strategies to assist students with memorisation of spelling words.

Spelling Ideas    Simple ideas for use in the classroom. 

Everyday Spelling    Strategies to help your students master spelling words.

Ways to Practice Spelling  Suggestions of six different ways to improve your spelling skills.

Ghost Spelling    A collaborative spelling, vocabulary and active listening game.

Round Robin Spelling    The object of this game is to gain points by spelling words from the current or past classroom spelling lists.

Spelling Scramble  This activity takes a little preparation on your part, but once all the cards are made, it becomes a great spelling review to use anytime.

Sparkle - A Spelling Game  Game that challenges your spelling skills.

Spelling Go Fish   This lesson allows students to learn their spelling words for the week and enjoy it.

Spelling Pictures  Fun game for improving Spelling skills.

Spelling Games  Collection of spelling games for all occasions.

Spelling Ideas    Simple suggestions for integrating technology into the spelling curriculum.

Spark Interest in Spelling  Collection of spelling games.

Spelling Game Links  Collection of games and ideas submitted by teachers.

Board Game Spelling  Modified board game for teaching spelling lists.

Secret Weapons For Spelling  List of different things that will help you become a better speller.

Break The Code    Create a mystery spelling code for students to crack.

Absolutely Ridiculous English Spelling    This site explores common inconsistencies in English spelling.

English Spelling Rules    Master some of the basic rules of English spelling, both British and American, with a minimum of effort.

Body Words    Kinesthetic spelling game for students.

Consolidated Word List    Compilation of over 100 Scripps National Spelling Bee word lists dating as far back as 1950. It appears below in four sections totaling 794 pages.

Freespeling  Richard Lawrence wants to free English from the spelling chains that bind us.
Professional Associations

Australian Literacy Educators’ Association     

Ozspeller  Free Australian Online Spelling Tutor and Game for students
and everyone wanting to improve their spelling skills. It features spoken (voiced) words, hints,
dictionary and sentence prompts, and a large selection of word lists for all school grades.

Spellaroo    Spellaroo can hop better than he can spell. Help correct his spelling.

Word Turtle This is a custom seek and find word search game.
You give FunBrain a list of words which it then hides in the puzzle. 

Spell Check Place a check next to the incorrect spelling.

Puzzle Centre   
Create your very own spelling puzzles here.

Puzzlemaker    Create puzzles online.

Spin And Spell  Animated spelling game for infants.

See And Spell    Series of spelling games.

Rhyme Zone    Type in a word to find rhymes, synonyms and definitions.

English Basics    Printable grammar and spelling activities.

Spelling It Right  Free printable worksheets as well as help and
advice from an experienced English teacher.

Ed Helper Spelling Lessons  Lessons for K-12.


Web sites suitable for Interactive Whiteboards


Copacabana Primary site – excellent


Juliet Thompson Educational Resources


River Deep or


Lesson Ideas

St Francis of Assisi School, Calwell, ACT


Birmingham grid for learning

Search by Type – Interactive Whiteboards


Good flash files


Primary classroom activities (Some need downloading)


Interactive Stories

Beenleigh State School



Free downloadable interactive whiteboard resources for Special Needs students


Learning Planet


ABC Games


ICT Games


Virtual manipulatives - Maths


BBC site  or /nature/ or /science/


Fun Brain




Interactive Literacy Resources


Education Action Zone




The learning federation (Learning objects)


The timer




Target Puzzle


Science Puzzles


Virtual House






Richardson Primary School


University of Hull Review Project


Australian Case Studies


Information sites


Smartboard site Need to register to download games



Interactive Whiteboards


National Whiteboard network in the UK




Smartboard newsletter

Phonics songs



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